Article Review Process

During the article review process, at least one reviewers are assigned to each manuscript on relevant topics. The assessment from the first or one reviewer is given priority by the management in decision-making, also if there are only two reviewers. For three reviewers, the decision is based on input from at least two of them. Reviewers are given three weeks to complete one round of the review process.

Typically, potential reviewers are selected based on their reputation. Next, the management sends online invitations to each potential reviewer. Once the potential reviewers confirm their willingness to participate, the management creates an account for each reviewer and sends the manuscript via OJS (Open Journal Systems).

All review processes are conducted in double-blind fashion and managed by the OJS platform.

Articles are evaluated based on the following criteria: (1) Relevance to the mission of the Journal of Community Engagement; (2) Significance in contributing new knowledge (advancing the field of study; providing best practices or lessons learned); (3) Accuracy and appropriateness; and Readability and the flow of information and ideas presented.

Additional criteria are applied based on the specific type of manuscript, such as articles resulting from community engagement activities, Field Work Practices, Real-World Lectures, Workshops, or other activities related to community engagement.