Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope

RISTANSI : Riset Akuntansi [E-ISSN 2775-2267] is an electronic scientific journal published online twice a year in June and December. RISTANSI : Riset Akuntansi aims to improve the quality of science and channel the interest of sharing and dissemination of knowledge for scholars, students, practitioners, and the observer of science in accounting. 

RISTANSI : Riset Akuntansi covered various research approaches, namely: quantitative and qualitative method. RISTANSI : Riset Akuntansi focuses related on various themes, topics and aspects of accounting, including (but not limited) to the following topics:

1. Financial Accounting

2. Managerial Accounting

3. Public Sector Accounting

4. Sharia Accounting

5. Auditing

6. Taxation

7. Accounting Information Systems

8. Accounting for Bankings 

9. Accounting for SME's