Review Process

The incoming article will be reviewed by Editor. It will be evaluated by Editor, whether it is suitable with Journal Ilmiah Bisnis dan Ekonomi Asia's Focus and scope or has a major methodological flaw and similarity score by plagiarism checkers application.

Every article will be reviewed by two reviewers. Jurnal Ilmiah Bisnis dan Ekonomi Asia applies double-blind review method where both reviewers and author are concealed throughout the review process.

The components and evaluation indicator Reviewers' assessment are described as follows:
- Title: Effectiveness, Specification, and clarity
- Abstract: Complete and describe the essence of the article.
- Keywords: Describing the essential concept of the article.
- Introduction: Up-to-date, originality, the relevance of the Topic, compatibility of the important reason of the research objective.
- Methods: Accuracy, Specification, and clarity.
- Results (Analysis and Synthetic): Analysis acuteness.
- Discussion(Interpretation): finding, relevance to the interrelated researches, and the scientific contribution effect of finding /idea to the development of science
- Conclusion: Logical, valid, brief, and clear
- Reference: Degree of up-to-date and the sources of the reference