Jurnal Ilmiah Bisnis dan Ekonomi Asia will charge:
- Article Access Cost: Free
- Subscription Cost: Free
- Submission Cost:  Free  
- Similarity Check Cost: Rp 80.000,- (should be paid upon checking is done)
- Article Processing Cost: Rp 850.000,- per article accepted (paid only when the editor declares the article is accepted)

The printed version is available at cost.,please notify the principal contact when you need one.

Jurnal Ilmiah Bisnis dan Ekonomi Asia uses only the LPPM Institut Asia account. There is no personal account or another payment method. The account number will be informed when there is a payment requested. Please reconsider if there is a request to transfer to a personal account, another institution account, or other payment methods. Wherever requested, please feel free to report to jibeka@asia.ac.id.